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  • [New] According to the scenario projecting the largest reduction of CO 2 emissions, which features a dominant participation of renewable energies, up to 20,958 jobs can be created in the Chilean energy sector by 2026. / Science Direct
  • [New] There is a significant opportunity to advance the growth of the Massachusetts energy storage industry, create jobs, and maintain and build a state leadership position. / UMass Extension VAegetable Notes
  • The White House includes funding for transitioning rural co-ops to clean energy in its American Jobs Plan, and additional proposals outline incentives that would be available to co-ops for each kW of coal that they replace with clean energy. / Rocky Mountain Institute
  • In mid-June 2021, Data for Progress and the Chesapeake Climate Action Fund polled likely voters in West Virginia to assess support for President Biden's proposed clean electricity standard, along with other key climate and clean energy provisions in the American Jobs Plan. / Data For Progress
  • If governments mobilised USD 1 trillion in clean energy investments each year from 2021-2023, they would boost the global economy, create millions of jobs and put emissions onto a Paris-compliant trajectory. / IEA
  • With a vast untapped renewable energy potential, African NDCs that stimulate investments in green energy will go a long way in altering Africa's energy supply deficit and boost employment, create green jobs, and increase foreign exchange earnings. / APRI
  • National government investment in cities could yield nearly US$ 24 trillion by 2050 and could support 87 million jobs by 2030 in sectors such as clean energy and public transport. /
  • The Clean Fight is a not-for-profit business accelerator helping growth-stage climate tech companies scale in New York to speed the energy transition while boosting economic opportunity and job creation for all. / GreenBiz
  • From offshore wind farms in Britain to floating solar power plants in Vietnam, about 13,000 renewable energy projects in nearly 50 countries are waiting for finance - and could create up to 10 million green jobs. / Eco-business
  • In 2021, the United States has an enormous opportunity to invest in a clean energy-driven economic recovery that will support millions of good-paying union jobs, confront environmental injustice, and prevent the worst impacts of climate change. / Center for American Progress
  • Part of the issue that has faced Alberta governments over the years is being enticed to get involved with big-ticket energy projects, with the hopes of creating jobs and generating economic development. / Calgary Herald
  • Many experts insist that the measures proposed by the American Jobs Plan will not be enough to bolster the energy sector and mitigate the effects of climate change. / Carnegie Mellon University
  • The Biden - Harris administration is committed to achieving 30 gigawatts of clean offshore wind energy by 2030, creating nearly 80,000 good-paying union jobs while also fighting climate change. / U.S. Department of the Interior
  • The UK are making plans to be a world leader in green energy in a commitment towards net zero emissions by 2050, by investing £160 million and creating 60,000 new jobs. / wp-content
  • With the right policy support, the UK could create three jobs in clean energy for every oil & gas job at risk. / Friends of the Earth Scotland
  • Renewable energy alone will account for more than a third of all energy jobs employing 43 million people globally, supporting the post-Covid recovery and long-term economic growth, stated Irena in its World Energy Transitions Outlook. / Oil&Gas News
  • There is an ever-present push to improve energy efficiency, but most of the initiatives articulated in the American Jobs Plan relate to public and government buildings, while there is a passing reference to the need for more heat pumps. / CSIS
  • The green savings bonds will be used to help finance projects to tackle climate change by focusing on renewable energy and clean transport, as well as creating green jobs across the UK. /
  • Nearly half of turnout targets and even larger numbers of young voters report that they would be LESS motivated to vote for Democrats if Democrats do not include clean energy and climate change efforts in the American Jobs Plan. / Climate Power
  • Clean Energy Manufacturing and Industrial Decarbonization: The bipartisan compromise is missing tens of billions of dollars outlined in the American Jobs Plan to keep US industries competitive in a clean economy. / Third Way
  • The new investment in London's solar workforce will help to drive the mass uptake of solar energy this decade, enabling Londoners to learn more about solar technologies as well as creating more green jobs. / The Renewable Energy Hub

Last updated: 01 August 2021