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  • [New] Increasing production of clean energy in the U.S. will produce more new jobs than will increasing fossil fuel production, while about one in three (35%) think the opposite. wp-content
  • [New] The seven lease sales are part of Biden's plan to generate 30 GW of offshore wind energy in the next nine years and could create up to 77,000 jobs - the US currently generates just 2 MW of offshore wind energy. the weekly ledger
  • [New] Energy efficiency offers significant opportunities for rapid job creation, with the International Energy Agency estimating the potential creation of up to 2.5 million new jobs per year, many of them in emerging economies, as part of recovery efforts. OECD
  • [New] The UK will need to recruit hundreds of thousands of individuals into the energy sector, as the National Grid reports that 400,000 new jobs will be required by 2050. Information Age
  • [New] Through 2040, the Clean Innovation Pathway reduces the cost of electricity by $855 million and increases employment by the equivalent of 3,500 full-time jobs, while pulling in $20.9 billion in investment in new solar, wind, energy storage, and other clean-energy projects. Volts
  • Three in four Australians agree that tackling climate change creates opportunities in clean energy for new jobs and investment. The Australia Institute
  • Around 16 million new jobs could be created in clean energy, energy efficiency, engineering, manufacturing and construction industries in the Asia-Pacific region, more than compensating for the estimated loss of five million jobs by downscaling industries. UN News
  • A bottom-up estimate based on the NZ2050 scenario indicates that it would result in 1.8-2.2 million new jobs in 2030 in renewable energy, electric vehicle technologies, energy efficiency, land use interventions and improved waste management.
  • The entrepreneurial embrace of renewable energy could create large numbers of jobs in Texas - from shipyards to drilling operations like Quidnet's and Fervo's. Texas Monthly
  • The UK's rapidly growing green sector is expected to create thousands of jobs in the coming years, with the National Grid estimating the energy sector alone must recruit 400,000 more employees to meet the UK's 2050 net-zero target. E&T
  • The upside of succeeding towards a greener economy and focusing on renewable energy, new electricity networks, energy efficiency and low carbon mobility could raise global GDP by about 2% this decade and create 30 million new jobs. The National
  • A shift to renewables, new power grids, energy efficiency and low-carbon mobility could increase global GDP by around 2% this decade, creating 30 million new jobs. Uk Time News
  • C40 cities in South Africa are expected to see the greatest proportional increase in jobs from a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. C40
  • While the scale of action needed to achieve a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy will be dramatic, the global energy transition is a key opportunity for both local and national governments to create jobs and bolster their economies. C40
  • If Europe really wants to achieve the 40% renewables target by 2030 and fast-track its clean energy future while creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs, it will need to take prompt action on permitting by cutting red tape in order to encourage investments. enel
  • 9 million new jobs will be needed to accompany the green transition and that renewable energy could employ more than 40 million people by 2050. OECD
  • Governor Mills has made growing the clean energy economy central to Maine's plans for combatting climate change by setting a goal of more than doubling the number of clean energy and energy efficiency jobs across Maine to 30,000 by 2030. Substance Abuse Services Commission
  • The shift to a Net Zero energy system will reduce Britain's exposure to volatile fossil fuel prices, strengthen its security of supply, and bring investment and jobs across the UK. Council on Geostrategy
  • The Biden administration has said that its plan to slash US emissions will create millions of new jobs as a thriving clean energy economy emerges, with offshore wind alone spawning new supply chains that stretch into America's heartland. Wind Action
  • Northern Ireland already has a solid base of green economy activity upon which to build and the energy sector could provide an important source of new jobs in the coming decades. Lloyds Banking Group
  • Although reaching climate neutrality will destroy six million jobs across Europe by 2050, it will create an additional 11 million jobs in new sectors, such as renewable energy according to a report published earlier this month by McKinsey. movmi Shared Transportation Services Inc
  • With the widespread use of green hydrogen, the UAE could achieve a secure energy future, while creating jobs and supporting new industries that would contribute to economic diversification and environmental sustainability. Khaleej Times
  • Prioritising electrification, energy efficiency and a focus on green hydrogen for heavy industries such as steel will bring jobs to the UK. The Centre For Sustainable Road Freight

Last updated: 24 October 2021