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  • [New] Americans with high educational attainment often have access to more job opportunities and higher incomes, affording them greater financial stability and higher health literacy rates, which correlates to better health outcomes. Healthify
  • The learning loss due to the prolonged closure of schools could have a long-term effect on children, specifically on their opportunities in higher education, in accessing better jobs and competing in a global economy.
  • Strengthening digitalisation education and skills in the AU will create jobs and improve productivity even in non-tech sectors. ETTG
  • The WEF itself unveiled initiatives aimed at planting one trillion trees and providing one billion people with better education, skills and jobs by 2030. Veganuary
  • Prior to the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Economic Forum set a goal of providing one billion people with better education, skills, and jobs by 2030. LEARNTech Asia
  • 45% of jobs growth up until 2023 would demand skills that VET delivers (Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2018). __data
  • Cities remain the primary location for job opportunities, education and cultural offers, and the continued rise in housing prices in many European cities over the past year indicates that city life is still high in demand. Australian Times News
  • A unified Korea has great potential to be economically competitive, but it will need to invest heavily in education and job training for North Koreans to thrive in a labor market where they will compete with South Koreans. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • While COVID-19 disrupted education systems and jobs worldwide, the transition to online learning ensured people could learn skills to adapt and rebuild their careers. rs
  • The American Jobs Plan is the first of two recovery packages, with a second announcement expected in mid-April, focused on additional recovery priorities, including but not limited to: helping families with challenges such as health care costs, childcare, paid leave, and education. National League of Cities
  • The American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan will be essential for the ongoing recovery by providing more support for physical and caregiving infrastructure, pre-school, post-secondary education, and other programs that will strengthen the foundations of the American middle class. U.S. Department of Labor Blog
  • Business tax increases are meant to fund physical infrastructure investments as part of the American Jobs Plan, while individual tax increases cover new spending on paid leave, child care, health care, and education under the American Families Plan. Grant Thornton
  • There are several employment objectives: 78% of the working age population by 2030 to have job, to halve the gender employment gap, and to reduce the number of young people neither in employment nor in education. Balkan Insight
  • Most young job seekers in MENA enter the labour market with little experience and lack adequate knowledge around how to navigate the job search process and what to expect in terms of responsibilities and compensation. Brookings
  • The American Jobs Plan includes many of the investments in traditional infrastructure and green investments, while the American Family Plan (AFP) has excellent provisions to make both early child care and education as well as higher education more affordable for families. Economic Policy Institute
  • Many unemployed degree holders had to flee Syria to countries of asylum in search of job opportunities to help their families, which led to the decline of skilled and educated workers in Syria's workforce. TIMEP
  • Community colleges provide opportunities for millions of Americans from all walks of life and while the American Jobs Plan is paving the way for even more Americans to benefit, the DOE's internship program is just one of many ways it supports STEM workforce development and education.
  • The Biden administration's American Jobs plan proposes to stimulate the U.S. economy by creating jobs; capitalizing infrastructure, housing and services; and investing in education and training of millions of Americans in dozens of industries. Triple Pundit
  • The House Education and Labor Committee declared that US Congress has spent only $345m in workforce development, to tackle the disruption in job market created by coronavirus pandemic compared to $6bn invested during the Great Recession. Verdict
  • Canadians are losing out on jobs and $15 billion to $25 billion per year in lost revenue that could be used for social programs such as health care, education and roads, as well as for research and development and innovation. Canada
  • Education for restoration will turn today's children into ecosystem ambassadors, provide skills for sustainable jobs and ensure that the UN Decade's achievements far outlive its timeframe. UN Decade on Restoration
  • Morocco - The EU will support the higher education reform with the aim to modernise higher education and improve its relevance for the job market. eeas Europa

Last updated: 24 October 2021