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  • [New] Clean growth could add £11 billion to the Leeds City Region economy and create 100,000 extra skilled jobs for local people in sectors ranging from energy and utilities to innovative design to food to construction. Media
  • A properly designed fee will ensure corporations pay their fair share and put innovation at the center of a climate change strategy, creating jobs and giving Americans everywhere access to cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy. The Hill
  • The Tempest programme is expected to provide long term critical sovereign capability in areas such as design and development of combat air systems, through the sustainment of high value jobs and support on average 21,000 workers per year from development to operational service (2026-50). BAE Systems | United States
  • In Africa - as elsewhere around the globe - we see the private sector designing sustainable business models to increase financial inclusion, promote trade, support small businesses, bridge electricity and Internet connectivity gaps, and create jobs and opportunity for young people and women. FAIReconomics
  • For qualified small business employers, California allows small business hiring credits, designed to provide some financial relief to small businesses for the economic disruptions resulting from COVID-19 that have led to unprecedented job losses. Wolters Kluwer
  • In a world designed by humans, for humans, a humanoid bot will be able to get around more easily than anything on wheels or tracks, use existing tools, and potentially take over a broad range of jobs currently performed by people. New Atlas
  • By rethinking the way we design, use and reuse plastic, the Plastic Waste CRC will fast-track the development of a viable and valuable circular economy for plastic that will create 1000s of jobs, drive business, economic and export growth, and result in a cleaner, safer environment. Inside Waste
  • Icebreaker plans to eliminate from 40-to - 50 jobs in its home country of New Zealand in a reorganization designed to better support global growth, according to the NZ Herald. SGB Media Online
  • Chips designed by Apple need to be turned into physical components, a job that could be done on US soil in the future. Light Reading
  • Canada, the U.S. and Europe are among jurisdictions choosing to design economic recovery plans that can deliver multiple benefits, including jobs, clean energy, and resilience in the face of future disruption. Pembina Institute
  • The Biden Administration has designated a vast swathe of ocean between Long Island and the New Jersey coast as an offshore wind energy zone, in a move that will create over 6,000 permanent jobs. Future Crunch
  • The H-4 visa was designed for spouses of H-1B holders to be able to work in the U.S., but the Trump administration may not continue the program because it says that visa could jeopardize job access for American citizens. CIO Dive
  • Lesser-skilled computer programmer jobs would decline by 9% to fewer than 193,800 jobs by 2029, showing a continued shift in the U.S. labor market toward higher-skilled IT jobs that include the engineering practices of software design, software construction and maintenance. Communications of the ACM
  • Although many migrant workers will do multiple stints in GCC over the course of their working lives, migrant workers' visas are designed with a relatively short duration in mind and are generally tied to a specific job or employer. Migrant Rights
  • The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is designed to help Australian manufacturers to scale up and create jobs to lift Australia's manufacturing capability, drive collaboration, and identify new opportunities to access domestic and global supply chains. Battle Space
  • What's most interesting is that robots designed to tidy homes in the US will probably perform differently in other countries, where the style of homes or jobs vary. The Register
  • The COP26 President - Designate welcomed the prospect of Bangladesh transitioning away from coal to clean and renewable energy, which will create economic growth and sustainable jobs. GOV.UK
  • The investment in UWB development will expand Qorvo's presence in Ireland and increase its focus on next-generation technologies and products. IDA Ireland
  • The greatest long-term benefits of ICT intensive jobs will be unlocked by equipping Africans with skills to design and engineer home-grown solutions rather than simply servicing the low skilled delivery end of the global digital market. NewsDay Zimbabwe
  • The jet-engine maker said its investment in energy storage systems (ESS) will create 300 jobs by the end of the decade, helping to power both fully electric and hybrid aircraft designs. Tech Digest
  • As well as protecting UK wildlife, well designed schemes could create thousands of job opportunities, while improving flood resilience and locking more carbon in trees and soils. House of Commons
  • A $50 billion federal investment program to incentivize domestic semiconductor manufacturing would create an annual average of 185,000 temporary American jobs and add to $24.6 billion to the U.S. economy as new semiconductor manufacturing facilities, or fabs, are constructed from 2021-2026. Semiconductor Industry Association

Last updated: 24 October 2021