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  • [New] Toyota's announcement will inevitably kick off an economic incentive competition among governments eager to add thousands of well-paying jobs and take part in a historic evolution of the automotive industry in the U.S. Dallas News
  • The EU27 mobility and automotive sector alone is forecast to grow to around 400 billion euros with six million jobs by 2030, all of which is at risk from magnet supply disruption. Reuters
  • Growing demand for batteries from the switch to electric vehicles could boost jobs in the automotive industry and battery supply chain across the UK from 186,000 to 246,000 by 2040 - an increase of 60,000 roles. The Scotsman
  • Growing demand for batteries from the switch to electric vehicles could boost jobs in the automotive industry and battery supply chain UK-wide from 186,000 to 246,000 by 2040. Zero Waste Scotland
  • Millions of automotive jobs could be at risk if the Japanese government pursues an ambitious push for carbon neutrality. Carscoops
  • The risk now is that the EU automotive industry and suppliers do not move fast enough in the 2020s to capture the future market and develop the emobility value chain (and corresponding jobs) in Europe. CleanTechnica
  • In the automotive sector, the transition to electric vehicles could generate around £3 billion of private investment and 30,000 new jobs by 2030. Future of Work Commission
  • Bosch, Europe's largest car-parts supplier, has announced the establishment of an automotive research and development centre in Limerick, which will see the creation of 30 jobs over the next two years. The Irish Times
  • France has warned of a loss of approximately 100,000 of its automotive jobs and the shutdown of a number of manufacturing facilities should the proposed measures be ratified. en
  • The number of jobs dependent on Germany's automotive and adjacent industries could remain stable up to 2030, despite the massive structural change entailed by the rise of electric vehicles. Agora Verkehrswende
  • The UK will require seven gigafactories which will result in employment in the automotive industry and battery supply chain increasing by 78,000 new jobs. CBI
  • Instigating a successful recovery of UK automotive manufacturing will be critical to sustaining the 864,000 jobs that keep the broader industry going, jobs that are highly skilled and based in every region of the UK. Automotive World
  • Failing to secure Europe's position in the EV value chain could mean putting at risk the 2.7 million direct manufacturing jobs the automotive sector currently provides 9 and accelerating further the EU's industrial decline. BP Distribution Services
  • The news of the job cuts will be a blow to South Wales, which has suffered a series of disappointments in recent months in its attempt to boost the number of automotive jobs in the former coal mining region. Automotive News Europe
  • The opening of REE's new Engineering Center at MIRA Technology Park in the UK - Europe's leading mobility R&D location for developing the latest automotive technology - is anticipated to create approximately 200 highly skilled jobs in the next few years. wp-content
  • The four-million-square-foot facility will be one of the world's largest and most advanced automotive plants, a $1.1 billion capital investment that will bring at least 5,000 new jobs to Travis County, TX. Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions
  • Britishvolt confirmed that a total of £2.6bn will be invested into the plant, which aims to employ up to 3,000 highly skilled people by its final phase in 2027, providing up to 5,000 jobs in the wider supply chain and producing over 300,000 lithium-ion batteries for the UK automotive industry. The Engineer
  • According to a new analysis from the Center for Automotive Research, an industry-backed group, a 25 percent tariff on automotive parts imports will result in up to 2 million fewer vehicle sales in the U.S.
  • Scuttling NAFTA or imposing a massive border tariff could lead to U.S. job losses and could cause automakers to move to other low-cost countries for vehicle production rather than building new plants in the U.S. Detroit Free Press
  • Wales and Scotland which both have a heavy public sector presence will see shrinking output and job losses in the next few years. Experian
  • At least 13,500 jobs have been cut across the entire UK automotive sector in 2020, with a recent SMMT member survey highlighting that one in six auto jobs are at risk of redundancy when the current job support scheme ends. Just Auto

Last updated: 24 October 2021