Our people : Dennis Draeger

Dennis is the research director at Shaping Tomorrow and lead consultant with Aiglatson Foresight Research. He is the author of several Gist reports and the trend report, Wearing IT: Trends expanding the wearable web. He is a scenario hunter, innovation manager, and foresight researcher providing organizations with a broader, deeper, and longer view of the future with ways to exploit opportunities and protect against contingencies. He has consulted with local SMEs, global corporations, and government agencies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. He has focused on technology’s place in social change and consulted on the social implications of various technologies from 3D printing's potential invasion of retail & manufacturing sectors and EHS concerns of nanotechnologies to legal issues surrounding transhumanist enhancements. Dennis’ expertise primarily lies in horizon scanning, scenario planning, and qualitative technology forecasting. Dennis believes the future is constantly changing, and organizations must optimize their innovation strategies through constant maintenance to maximize opportunities and minimize threats.  

Aiglatson Strategy & Foresight: Optimize Your Future

Today's solutions become tomorrow's problems unless you expand, create, and maintain your future. We use Strategic Foresight to provide organizations with a clearer perspective of their external environment and its implications for their sector to sustain their growth and find competitive opportunities.