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1 July 2022
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
By the end of 2022 in the world there will be 4-5 million sports fans that will purchase or receive collection digital sports artifacts for NFT-TOCEN. DEEPLA - Agricoltura Ecosostenibile e Green Economy
Virtual reality and augmented reality are not new concepts but will revolutionize the world within 5 years. admin
Between 4 million and 5 million sports fans globally will have purchased or have been gifted an NFT sports collectable by the end of 2022. Australian Financial Review
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • Businesses and individuals in Asia Pacific need to be protected from the newer and more sophisticated threats, scams and potential attacks arising from the emerging cryptocurrency-dominated metaverse. CybersecAsia
  • Japanese multinational company Sony intends to be a leader in the metaverse and AI spaces by leveraging the unique strengths provided by its diverse businesses and expertise in game technology, which will form the basis of entertainment experiences going forward. CoinTelegraph
  • In 2022 3D will continue to thrive, especially seeing VR and AR technologies' rising popularity along with NFTs that are new-age art designs. Bootcamp
  • WeChat with more than 1.1 billion daily active users in China, has updated its rules: WeChat public accounts which involved in the issuance, trading and financing of crypto and NFTs will be limited function or banned. CoinTelegraph
  • The creator of technology company Apple's iPod has warned the virtual reality-based metaverse risks creating more online trolls and damaging human interaction. Corporate Citizenship Briefing
  • As China invests heavily, there is a concern similar to with 5G infrastructures that a Chinese metaverse could act as a proxy for Beijing's foreign policy objectives. Royal United Services Institute
  • Bloomberg Intelligence expects the global metaverse revenue opportunity to approach US$ 800 billion by 2024. Deloitte Insights
  • L International Inc., New York's leading digital transformation enabler and custom software development firm, introduces the Augmented Reality (AR) Shopper Platform - a disruptive experience, compatible with Apple's Roomplan, bringing the global shopping community under one roof. Digital Journal
  • Despite warnings from the Chinese government about the risks of investing in NFTs, the number of platforms focusing on digital collectibles grew to more than 500, five times more than back in February. CoinTelegraph
  • In the past, OpenSea users have been targeted by threat actors impersonating fake support staff and by a phishing attack that left more than a dozen users without hundreds of NFTs worth roughly $2 million. BleepingComputer
  • Chinese regulators are a major threat to China's tech sector and their metaverse ambitions. Verdict
  • The IRS has already issued myriad subpoenas to cryptocurrency exchanges seeking information that could lead to the identification and collection of income taxes, and it would not be surprising to see taxation authorities targeting metaverse projects in similar fashion. DLA Piper

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

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By the end of 2022 in the world there will be 4-5 million sports fans that will purchase or receive collection digital sports artifacts for NFT-TOCEN. DEEPLA - Agricoltura Ecosostenibile e Green Economy
By the end of 2022, between four and five million sports fans globally will have purchased or been gifted an NFT sports collectable. Tech Monitor
  • Washington will likely be the first state to issue overt guidance on the sales tax treatment of NFT's. TechRound
  • Starting in 2029, large parts of the population of the US and subsequently the EU were mobilized, using augmented reality and a temporary suspension of labor regulations to deploy solar panels, microgrids, charging infrastructure, and systems for carbon sequestration. FLI Worldbuilding Contest
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Another important aspect that the Chinese government is particularly wary of is the money-laundering risks arising from NFTs. JD Supra
  • The future of the creator economy The creator economy, along with the influencer marketing industry, is worth $104 billion and the impacts of the Metaverse opportunities could be phenomenal. ETBrandEquity
  • If the metaverse adoption began now, it would have a contribution of $3 trillion to global GDP in 2031. Quartz
  • While lifestyle content will become the vehicle to develop new revenue streams around the Fox News media brand, betting and NFTs are being used to super - serve sports and entertainment fans. Axios
  • NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain are worth more than US$ 14 billion, which is up from US$ 340 million in 2020, and it is estimated to reach US$ 80 billion by 2025. it World Canada
  • The hype in the public space worldwide for metaverses has been growing, so analysts expect the amount of scams in metaverses to increase. Help Net Security
  • GameStop has joined forces with Immutable X for its NFT marketplace that will be built on the Ethereum blockchain. EconoTimes
  • Many in the 5G industry hope that fancy new augmented reality (AR) glasses might encourage customers to seek out speedy 5G connections, just like smartphone apps such as Uber did during the early days of 4G. Light Reading
  • According to Forrester, 58% of global business and tech professionals with metaverse and virtual-world knowledge say that their organization will adopt metaverse or virtual-world solutions over the next 12 months to support workplace collaboration, especially to enable anywhere work. Forrester
  • Regulators worldwide will force metaverse platform developers to address the existing, or known, privacy issues associated with the underlying technologies that power metaverses. Verdict
Financial Impact
The growth of the metaverse economy could exceed $8 Trillion in coming years. Small Wars Journal
The metaverse economy will be worth $21.7 trillion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 38.6%, as businesses increasingly leverage a mix of augmented and virtual reality to reach customers via avatars, bots and other digital surrogates. Forbes
Autonomous vehicles, automated industry, augmented reality and smart cities will become widespread thanks to 5G deployment, which could generate around $13 trillion (€10.8 tr) in global economic value and more than 20 million jobs by 2035. Euronews
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System Map
Creates plausible alternative futures of what can happen and encourages development of a robust, agile response
The world's first NFT restaurant is not scheduled to open until 2023, but it's already generating a buzz among the most tech-savvy foodies. Lifestyle Asia Singapore
Looking at the size of the digital economy that is powered by non-fungible tokens now, one thing is pretty obvious that in the coming years NFTs might completely change the way the world interacts on the internet. Interesting Engineering
The way we perceive the world will change as the 3D internet and augmented reality takes hold. Cybercultural
Changing proportion of published forecasts
The pace and scale of bitcoin, ethereum and NFT adoption has taken some by surprise, with some warning they could now pose a risk to the global financial system as nation-states begin to experiment with digital assets.
Crypto ventures and physical world entities will start to establish multi-language regional and even global corporate headquarters in different metaverses. LinkedIn
Know how others are tackling issues with this topic
Brands will need to find creators who best represent their world vision and integrate them as characters into their metaverse story. VentureBeat
Technological innovations across virtual reality, metaverse, quantum, and circular economy could contribute trillions of dollars of new value to the global economy. Capgemini Worldwide
Australia's cryptocurrency exchange CoinSpot has announced its innovative partnership with Sydney's first major international NFT exhibition Satellite, a free event that will give Sydney-siders their first peek at the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Australian FinTech
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
Ultimately, Zynga's entry into P2 E and NFTs could breathe life into a space dominated by entry-level graphics combined with excellent tokenomics. CoinTelegraph
Thailand's cyberspace has emerged as a fierce domain of political contestation and, in the metaverse where people will most likely interact using avatars and modified voices, the spread of disinformation, ideological extremism, and malicious content, is likely to proliferate. The Diplomat
The blockchain group has, in mixture, the extremely vital activity of constructing the open Metaverse, the place customers will be capable of personal their property and information. Crypto Trading Secret
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
Analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester already predict a world where NFTs will play a crucial part in enterprise strategies over the next few years. Dark Reading
Some of the world's most influential firms, from Apple and Epic Games to Nvidia and Microsoft, will invest billions of dollars in constructing the Metaverse over the next few years, and top-ranking crypto derivatives exchange Phemex is no exception. TechBullion
What lessons can the metaverse creators take from today's online world when designing their identity and authentication systems, and what will some of the unique challenges be? VentureBeat
How can digital and augmented reality be used to re - invent servicescapes? Customer Think
How can augmented realities challenge and excite public experiences of collections? Art in Liverpool
How will technology such as augmented reality and mixed reality support the future of learning? Betanews
How will industries adopt Metaverse? FinExtra
How will metaverse shape up the future? 101 Blockchains
Who Uses Augmented Reality? Vxchnge
With the likely issuance of regulations impacting the cryptocurrency market and digital art NFT s, who will bear the consequences of the new enforcement regime? Withers World Wide
Who needs a metaverse? CoinDesk
What is the role of Augmented reality in the Entertainment Industry?
What are the use cases of metaverse for the retail industry? 101 Blockchains
What Does the Future of the Metaverse Real Estate Look Like? DataDrivenInvestor
Will 2022 be the year when augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality become widespread? zmzme
How will Meta, and other companies willing to take on the metaverse challenge, ensure companies and consumers their data is going to be kept secure when data breaches already frequent headlines? ECS Group
As augmented reality and camera filters grow more common, what are the sociological ramifications of playing dress-up for the world to see, when we are all expected to be "real" people? p
Are P2 E gaming and NFTs nothing more than entertainment and collectibles or something fun to do while we social distance and collect stimulus checks, or will it play a significant role in the fourth industrial evolution? Research
Will people be able to claim coordinates in a metaverse as their own virtual land? Biometric Update |
What will Apple call its virtual and augmented reality glasses? Latest Game Stories
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