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Mobile Tech

  • [New] Mobile UK's report explores, both through its own analysis and external research, how 5G-enabled technology, underpinned by mobile networks, could support the combined G7 manufacturing sectors to reduce their total carbon emissions by 1% during the period 2020-2035. News
  • [New] With the rapid growth of mobile phones in Africa, opportunities were opened for farmers to receive market and other information directly. WorldFoodPrize
  • [New] With the launch of 5G in India, consumers are anticipating mobile networks, which will support applications requiring significantly higher bandwidths with much lower latencies. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Operators will will face challenges in meeting the mobile data demands arising from 5G networks, forecasting an increase in cellular data traffic generated by 5G connections to 1.5 billion Petabytes globally by 2026.
  • [New] BIA Advisory Services is forecasting that, for the first time, mobile advertising spending will surpass direct mail (20.7%) as the top media advertising platform in 2022. Radio Ink
  • [New] Operators will face challenges in meeting the mobile data demands arising from 5G networks and forecasts that cellular data generated by 5G connections will rise to 1.5 million Petabytes globally by 2026. Resource Centre
  • [New] ZF and Oxbotica will develop a Level 4 self-driving system that can be integrated in to various vehicles including Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) shuttles to provide on-demand passenger and also goods transportation vehicles in urban environments. The Engineer
  • The overall mobile service revenue in Australia is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 3.9% and reach US$11bn in 2026, supported by healthy growth in mobile data service revenue, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. globaldata
  • As for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, a more mature and advanced foldable screen experience, as well as excellent overall design and craftsmanship, will lead the development of the mobile phone industry and attract many mobile phone brands to follow.
  • Mobile e-commerce will only continue to grow globally in the coming years as social media and mobile devices make buying via mobile effortless. E-Commerce Times
  • Owners of a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone purchasing the new Genesis GV60 electric car in South Korea will be the first to be able to lock and unlock their vehicle from their mobile device using a digital key that supports both ultra wideband (UWB) and NFC technology. NFCW
  • Global transaction volumes for contactless payments made using a mobile device will increase by 92% from 26bn in 2021 to 49bn in 2023. NFCW
  • Contactless payments made using mobile phones will almost double over the next two years - twice as fast as the growth of contactless card payments. NY Press News
  • The upside of succeeding towards a greener economy and focusing on renewable energy, new electricity networks, energy efficiency and low carbon mobility could raise global GDP by about 2% this decade and create 30 million new jobs. The National
  • Audio / video editing workshops will require one device to use Zoom on, plus an additional mobile device for editing software. Nerve Centre
  • Users will be able to use the BNPL service at more than 70 million merchants through their lender's mobile banking app or through instant approval during checkout. The Fintech Times
  • Total mobile service revenue in US will expand at a 6.9% CAGR between 2021 and 2026, mainly supported by rising mobile internet subscriptions, growing consumption of mobile data services and increasing data ARPS as 4G/5G adoption and smartphone-bundled plans drive up revenues per user. Verdict
  • If English law were no longer a global standard for internationally mobile transactions, the benefit gained by users would decrease as the number of users falls through negative network effects and it might be more difficult to attract lost activity back to the UK. Legal UK
  • Germany's Vay, which has been quietly testing a fleet of remote-controlled electric vehicles all over Berlin, plans to roll out a mobility service in Europe and potentially the U.S. in 2022. Auto Watching
  • The Kakao T app, run by Kakao Mobility, will abandon a fixed rate policy for its designated driver service and switch to a variable rate between 0% and 20% depending on supply and demand. Korea JoongAng Daily
  • Following the launch in Shanghai, Baidu plans to bring its Apollo Go mobility services to 25 more cities in the next three years, making autonomous driving technology accessible to 3 million people in China. Future Car
  • Investing $2 billion, initially, Intelsat is building a unified global 5G network that will support virtually any access technology, enabling the next generation of global mobility, internet of things, and 5G services. Yahoo Finance
  • Egypt's central bank has approved the issue of licences that will enable merchants to accept contactless payments from their customers through mobile phones. Electronic Payments International

Last updated: 24 October 2021